26 July 2017

Celebrity Superhero

From Amazon:

"When Anna Eom isn’t reading fantasy novels, she’s obsessing over her favorite K-pop group, SUPER. Each boy in the group has a different superpower, but Sungwook stands out from the crowd with his super-speed and super-strength, not to mention his super-hotness.

The day that SUPER’s latest music video drops, Anna’s mom does the worst thing imaginable and cuts the wi-fi to make her clean house instead. All because some old family friends are visiting them from Korea. Not only are the almost-strangers cutting her time short with her favorite K-pop group, but she knows she’s going to be thrown together with a boy she only remembers as a bully. Caleb might be her age, but the last time she saw him ten years ago he stole her precious Disney princess necklace. What’s worse is Anna’s mom has threatened to clear her bookshelves if she doesn’t greet the old friends at the door with a fragile vase as a gift.

Anna complies, planning on getting back to her books as soon as she can, but when her parents open the door it’s not Caleb standing on the other side, but Sungwook from SUPER. Judging by the way he caught the vase she dropped with lighting speed, his super-powers might not be fiction."


I love Jennie Bennett's novellas. They're such fun, light reads. There aren't a lot of entries in the kpop romance genre, so I'm extra glad to have these!

Anna and Caleb are pretty well-developed characters, given the limited space Ms. Bennett is working with. There's great push-and-pull between them and I love that flustered Anna finally finds her feet. Rounding out the story is an obnoxious childhood friend, a dance-off with sasaengs, and a satisfying amount of character growth. Definitely worth a read!

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